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I have a Kindergarten teacher who is looking for the best/simplest way for her Kindergarteners to upload pictures and provide audio feedback.  All students have ipads.

Some examples of what she needs: 

1.  The students complete a puzzle/task - they take a picture of their work, then record themselves reflecting on that work.  

2.  They are given an image to draw on and then describe what they drew and why. 

She would like to include audio directions too.  

I would love to be able to show her some examples of what others are doing and how they are using Canvas with their littlest learners.  She is making the shift to Canvas from Seesaw because the district no longer uses Seesaw.

Thank you for your help in advance.


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During at home learning a few years ago, we stayed consistent with the rest of the district and used Canvas at the 4K level.

We worked hard to make sure it was easy to navigate with images as buttons (see homepage) and using consistent emojis with text whenever we could. Logging in was also facilitated through ClassLink quickcards, so students could easily access this page with a Chromebook.

As students became comfortable with the navigation of Canvas, teachers assigned a 'daily check-in', where students could record themselves answering a question or prompt. This was done daily for consistency. The teacher would record directions as a video, and then we had specific directions (assuming there was an adult supervising students). See "daily check-in".

Now there are more options we could utilize, including image-based quizzes, and built-in annotation of PDFs in assignments. 

While Canvas can seem intimidating for our youngest learners, we made the best of our situation and had a lot of control over the environment that we curated for these learners that worked for them best.

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