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Creative Ways to Use Canvas

One of the benefits of Canvas is the endless possibilities on what can be done with it! What are some other ways you are using Canvas in your K-12 District?

For example, here our some ways our district is using it. 

* We house our K-12 Curriculum maps, content, lesson plans

*District and school wide book studies

* General Knowledge Exam Study Course

*Online Training for Canvas 

*New Teacher Resource/ Collaboration Course

* Digital Textbooks Blueprint Course using TCC

*To hold virtual AP/Principal Meetings 

*District Middle School Science Remediation course 

*Digital Citizenship Training

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My district will be using Canvas starting this summer to drive our online and hybrid courses. We are also hoping to use it to offer free SAT prep courses for all. Also we hope to use it for New Teacher Training as well as for clubs and sports teams to have their own pages to communicate possibly even the Cafeteria having its own space as well!

I love the idea of SAT Prep and sports teams Smiley Happy

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Our rep  @jkasica_canvask  had recommended it! Its a great solution to all the issues that come with texting or using personal social media sites...especially with the Parent being able to be tied in and the calendar feature which can sync to their Google Calendars...it will save me as a Coach a ton of parent emails to have that space!

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Community Team

All of our activities and athletic groups have their own "course" in Canvas. The moderators and coaches use Canvas's tools in different ways, but students and families like that they are able find all of their school information in one central place.

We also have two "mega courses" on campus. One is for all of our students where they can find all types of resources and information, including the student handbook, calendars, tech help, etc. Another course is set up for staff. Resources, minutes/notes, handbook, room reservations, tech help, etc. are all organize in modules. Hopefully, we'll be able to house some in-house PD in Canvas as well.