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I'm new to Canvas and am trying to learn as much as I can this summer.  I noticed that when I delete an assignment that happens to also be a quiz that is located in the quizzes section, the quiz in the quizzes section also gets deleted.  Is there a way to remove an assignment without this happening?

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Unfortunately in Canvas there is no way to delete an Assignment or Quiz submission. Also, if the student is in the quiz you can't remove them from the quiz. Your best bet if this happens it to change the available date to sometime in the future - like when class starts - and also uncheck the option to let students see their quiz results. If you don't then if the student has already taken the quiz they will be able to see the answers to the quiz if you don't uncheck this option.

Another caveat, if the quiz is timed then the quiz will run out even if the student is blocked from getting back into it. If this happens you can go in and give the student an extra attempt - Once I publish my quiz, how do I use the Moderate Quiz page?

Hope this helps! 🙂

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