Discussion with embedded accordions

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I'm working in a school with many ELS students. I have to modify the learning content and my instructions to reach up to those students for whom English is a second language to help them be successful and happy learners.

Sentence frames and word banks help many students to complete the assignments successfully during my in-class instructions. However, how would I do it in Canvas without putting a lot of text and overloading the discussion board?

Lately, I was working on creating a Discussion with embedded accordions. I've decided to use accordions to provide students the sentence frames to help them to explain their thinking and for positive feedback on peers' posts, or asking clarifying questions. Also, I wanted to remind students about proper online behavior and etiquette rules. 


Let me know If you are interested in HTML code (to give ti a try), I'll send it to you.


I'm looking for your feedback and ideas on how to make it better for readability to help my ESL and Special Ed students.

Thank you.

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