Do observers no longer have rights to see grades through the app?

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My Parent observers are telling me when they go on the app to look at their children they do not see any grades on the app? Is this a problem that is coming with any other school / accounts? In the past year parents/observers were able to view grades now they can not?

Any one have any advice or suggestions?


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 @dkamelhar  we have lots of parent / observers who contacted us to say the same thing... that the (red) mobile app was not showing grades.  I confirmed that students could still see grades in the (red) app and parents / observer could see grades in the (blue) parent app as well as in the browser, but not when logged into the (red) student app.   Our team called Canvas support and they acknowledged the bug.  They also said this will not be fixed as all mobile efforts for parents will be concentrated on the Canvas Parent app.  I have informed my parents (120K+) that the red mobile app is no longer supported for parents. 

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