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Do you grapple with assignments due before the end of a term w/ grades going in afterwards?

I'm curious to know how this situation impacts others in the K12 area. Please post comments below!

I've created an Idea around building functionality into the Assignment editor in Canvas so teachers could set a due date and independently set a term so the grade goes where it's suppose to go but the late policies built into the course are respected.

If you're interested you can read and VOTE UP this Idea here: Ability to set term for an assignment grade



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Community Contributor

This is an issue that we see at the Higher Ed level, too. We have a lot of incompletes and need to allow students to finish up an assignment in a different term. I have voted on your idea and I hope it will be accepted. 

Hey John, thank you for the insights on the post-secondary need for this feature request. Make sure you click the link and VOTE UP the idea!

Have a great weekend.