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Embedded Activities

Has anyone tried embedding an interactive component such as the image below directly into a content page where the learner responds to the checklists? If so, what tool have you used to create little exercises like these?


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Thanks for sharing this link!  Very treat-ful to find & explore.

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 @cookja1 ‌,

I've recently played around with H5P and like it so far. It's easy to use and free. Basically, you create an account, choose from a menu of interactive content types and build something. Very easy to embed your interactive via the Canvas HTML Editor. I made this video a few weeks ago, so please take a look and let me know if you have any questions.  @tina_powers 

Good luck! 

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Thank you @cookja1  or submitting this question! Based on your inquiry, I feel that this is a better discussion than a question that has a single “correct” answer. However, because another Community member has clicked the “I also have this question!” button, I am unable to convert it to a discussion for an ongoing conversation.

Because it is my goal to clean up the K-12 space before the end of 2018 so only the only open questions are those that are still relevant! With that goal in mind, I am going to mark this question as “Assumed Answered” so it is removed from the list. The status will not prevent Community members from contributing and continuing this conversation! Smiley Happy

Community Onward,


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