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Flag a Student for guidance and parents

We are hoping for a way to flag a student in the gradebook to send an alert to an admin team including guidance and have it appear in the parent/student app. 

Let me clarify, we have created a data dashboard to watch our Canvas grades daily. But the problem is that submissions and grades often lag and we don't always get a clear picture of if a student is truly in tough shape. We would love a way to flag a student who needs some guidance or admin help and alert parents at the same time.

Any ideas k-12 people? Thanks

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Hi,  @amariano ‌ -- I am part of AspirEDU - Member | Instructure Partner Directory.  Within our Dropout Detective analytics platform, a student can be placed on “alert,” which causes a note to be automatically emailed to any advisor attached to the student.  (Guidance counselor, sports coach, principal, etc.)  We don’t send anything to the student or the parent, but we do kick off the notes to your school users.  Please contact me if you'd like to learn more...thank you!

Community Team
Community Team

Hi  @amariano  - We have Dropout Detective at our school, and it's easy to implement. However, if you're looking for an alert to populate within Canvas Student, Canvas Teacher, or Canvas Parent, it will not work that way. However, with Dropout Detective's "Advisor Alert" feature, the appropriate parties will receive a branded email with more information.