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Google Integrators? We need help

At Catholic Education Parramatta we are heavily reliant on our Google suite for resources, this is largely problematic due to our Google drive restrictions put in place by non-Canvas IT administrators. Are there any Canvas users out there that is having a pleasant experience utilising Google and Canvas that we could learn from? Big issues we face include:

  1. Google LTI 1.3 doesn't allow access to shared drives, embeds a doc while providing a copy and doesn't allow for uses to collaborate on (as per a typical shared Google doc).
  2. Google Assignment creates copies of files for all enrolees of a course - not the explicit section assigned
  3. Teachers constantly supplying links to documents that students cannot access due to alternate domains

any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Most of our adopting schools are coming across from Google classroom so the clunkiness of the above isn't exactly greeted with open arms...

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We noticed too that the embedded Google doc in a Page does not have the pop out UI element, unless its a PDF or Word doc that was embedded from Google Drive.  But noticed if you go into the HTML editor after you have embedded the doc if you switch the word document to file in the embed URL.  You will get the pop out UI element when the student mouses over the iframe.  Allowing the student to open it in their own Google Drive.