How do you use Canvas to get quarter grades?

Community Champion

We are a K-12 institution that operates on a standard 4 quarter school year.   This is our first year using Canvas.  We're having some difficulty figuring out how to get quarter grades which can be loaded into our SIS to generate report cards.  The grade export report will work for Q1 because that is the start of the school year, but that report will aggregate over the course of the year.  I need to be able to see just Q2 grades, e.g. Nov 1 to Dec 30, then Q3 Jan 1 to March 1 etc.  Canvas does not seem to have any report that exports grades and is date driven.  Their standard answer is to use "terms", but that doesn't really make any sense for a year long 5th grade math class.  if we set up a term for every quarter, then you'd have to re-enroll all students in the course, you'd lose the continuity of one canvas site for a year etc. 

My question to you K12 community - How are you solving this problem?  Please help.