Interactivity and Creativity in Canvas Pages

Community Coach
Community Coach

A focus for me next academic year is to develop our use of Canvas Pages. The best way (I think) to encourage staff to develop their confidence, is to show them just how interactive a Canvas page can be by bringing in a range of different tools from the outside. As such, I've started to make a list of great (free) interactive resources that we can embed.

As interactivity and engagement is the theme, I've designed them as flip cards using the Flip Card idea - How To Create a Flip Card with CSS ( The link takes you to a separate page where there are some help guides on how to make them as well as some examples.


Would anyone like to share the free interactives they use that can embed on Canvas Pages?

24/5: Just added DotStorming: Create and use Voting Boards for collaborative brainstorming and planning then vote for ideas - great for Design Thinking!

24/5: Considering but you would have to use an iframe generator plus requires personal Google account (we are Microsoft) :O(

Here is a brief video of how our page views and looks:

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