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Is anyone using Seesaw within their Canvas courses? How have you set up the work flow and what have you learned?

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We really like the parent notification piece of Seesaw but are looking for the best way to use it within Canvas as well.

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It looks like a integration is on its way: 

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Hi,  @twilliams4 ‌! I do not even know what SeeSaw is.  Can you educate me? Smiley Happy 

Seesaw is a digital portfolio app. The feature that excites us the most is

that parents get to see student work as it is posted. We'd like to

incorporate the tool with journals, PBL pieces, etc... Right now it is not

an LTI. Just trying to decide how we want it to flow. Thinking the redirect

tool might be our best option so far.

Tina Williams

Technology Coordinator

McCook Public Schools

On Fri, Jun 2, 2017 at 11:43 AM, <>

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Yes, the redirect tool might work ok. Have you contacted the developer and asked if they have an LTI on the roadmap or if they have reaced out to become a Canvas partner? Smiley Happy 

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Our school used SeeSaw this past year for K-4 and loved it!  I hadn't thought about integrating it with/into Canvas. I'm curious what solution you end up with.  Good luck! 

Thank you for the suggestion Dallas. I will check with them.

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Tina, we've been piloting the use of SeeSaw in conjunction with Canvas this spring and next year will be using it with our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders (we're 1:1 iPads).  Our 5th graders used Canvas this year without SeeSaw, so it will be interesting to see how the use of both systems helps or inhibits the use of Canvas. 

We've been asking SeeSaw about LTI for some time now.  The last I heard was that it's under consideration.  Please mention your interest to them if you have the opportunity!  We'd like to see a deeper integration with the possibility of using SeeSaw as a front page to Canvas for our elementary classrooms.  SeeSaw repeatedly claims they have no interest in becoming an LMS.  They view their product as a communication tool.  This was a big draw to us that they weren't trying to reinvent the wheel and might be interested in working with Canvas.

 @kristin_bayless ‌ are you able to keep us posted about this? See Saw has really taken off in Hobart. We are about to introduce Canvas and I'm predicting that teachers will say they will just stick with see saw. Any advice welcome! Thanks.

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Hi  @twilliams4  what is an LTI? Can you keep us posted about where you go with this please?


Hi Bobby, 

An LTI is an external app or website linked to Canvas so that students do not have to log in to both Canvas and the external tool. It helps with flow and makes navigation more user-friendly. 

In all honesty, I haven't followed through contacting SeeSaw yet to notify them of our interest to integrate their portfolio/communication tool. I will add to the post when I have done that, find out more and decide how we are going to integrate the use of SeeSaw here in McCook. (likely early August)