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Canvas is new to our school and I am a new user.

I have asked this with our District IT Support and with Canvas Support.  One answer was to create Marking Periods at the Admin level.

Will this also hide the name the assignment name?  As of now, when I hide the score, the assignment name is still being displayed but the score is hidden.
My goal is to show assignments only in the current marking periods: MP1, MP 2, and MP 3.
-Every time a student see their grades, it is the cumulative grades, but only the assignments in the current marking period (MP) shows.
-Right now at Week 7, I have about 20 assignments.  Students and I have to scroll up or down to find the current ones which is very inefficient when I have from 120-150 students.
-I anticipate anywhere from 15-20 assignments in each marking period.
-MP 3 is the last grading period and it is the official transcript grades, so the grade should be cumulative.
Is there a way to do this in Canvas?
Someone suggested to create Modules and published and unpublished the modules to show assignment and grades.  The Modules method did not work.
Also, hiding individual grades do not hide the assignment names.
Thank you,
Hoang Nguyen
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