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Multiple Sections per Class Period

Hi all,

A Special Ed teacher in my building has courses called Math 3 and Math 4. These courses are pushed into Canvas from PowerSchool, so she has two separate course tiles for these, naturally. However, in her actual schedule, she has Math 3 and Math 4 students in her class during 2nd period, and Math 3 and Math 4 students in her class during 6th period. She didn't ask for her courses to be cross-listed this semester, so they're still separate right now, and she's finding it very time-consuming to enter grades in her gradebook (as far as I can tell, she's not really assigning work in Canvas - I think she's mostly recording scores from other tools like iXL in the Canvas gradebook). 

I thought it through, and it seems like, even if we cross-list her Math 3/4 for next semester, she'll still have basically the same problem, since she'll either be viewing all Math 3/4 students for both periods, or only (for example) Math 3 students from Period 2. 

The only other solution I can think of is to manually create courses for each of her class periods, and add the appropriate students manually. But then she's stuck with posting identical content to multiple courses.

What am I missing here? Is there a more elegant solution?


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I am interested in the answer to this question, as well.

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I have a similar question -- did you find a solution?


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@erin_dickey I know this is a very late response but if you, or any of the other posters [ @gail_bliss @PiperRiddle ], haven't gotten a solution yet, I think I have one.

1. Cross list Math 3/4 courses

Reminder that this should be done before publishing or before students have submitted any work. Otherwise, their submissions will be lost. Now that you have ALL students in the same course let's look at the next step.

2. Create Groups 

In the People tab click on +Group Set then create a group for each class period [2nd Period, 6th Period]. Proceed to add/move each student to their corresponding class period. 

Alternatively, you could create a Group Set for each class period and assign tasks as group assignments. For this to work, make enough groups for the students in that period. Let's say there are 28 students in Period 2. Make 28 groups within Period 2 Group Set. Add one student per slot. The repeat the process for the other class period.

3. Reap the benefits

When an assignment is created you are able to make it a group assignment. Since the group sets are made up of groups of 1 student, it's the same as assigning individual work. Make sure the Student Groups Filter is enabled in the Gradebook. 

Hope that helps!