Observer Role Updates?

I am very excited about the Parent App, but not all of our families have access to mobile devices or can afford the data usage. Is there any plan on having the observer view more closing matching the student view in Canvas-

  • Calendar crossing off completed items
  • Modules displaying checkmarks upon completion of requirements.

This is our number one struggle so far.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi  @ckofeldt ~ I see that you posted this question about 18-months ago, but I wanted to take the opportunity to check in with you. How are things going with Canvas Parent‌? Since the initial launch, have things become easier for your district's observers? I think both of the concerns you listed above could make great feature ideas inside‌. If these are still needs for your observers, I encourage you to create the ideas...and then post them back here to close the circle. I'd be happy to promote them within‌ as well.

Hi  @KristinL ‌! We have actually developed our own parent dashboard. It has helped a lot, but our parents would still like to see it in Canvas as well. I will definitely submit them as feature requests!