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Outcome and Rubric Assignment Breakdown

🚀 Outcomes and Rubrics question: We use rubrics and outcomes for standards-based grading. However, we use Canvas outcomes as a domain score (group of individual standards) and not a specific standard score (one outcome for one standard). Regardless, my question is still,  

"Has anyone figured out a way to view the whole class scores on an assignment showing their rubric score?"  

Basically, like an assignment breakdown by the rubric scores. Thanks! 

For example:


STUDENT NAME Rubric Criterion 1 Rubric Criterion 2 Rubric Criterion 3 Total
Student 1 1 2 3 6
Student 2 2 2 2 6
Student 3 3 3 1


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There's no easy way to do this in Canvas using the default tools. If you're comfortable using the API, you can use the OutcomeResults endpoint and get that type of breakdown.

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Thanks for the link. That might be helpful though I'd have to do some more learning myself about API. We have developed some scripts with the API, but that was my dev team friends and not me personally. Though, I think I get the premise. Where do you go for the basic of writing and working with API? 

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To get an idea of the shape of data, I generally use a desktop app called Insomnia. I can make calls to specific endpoints and figure out how to stitch them together into something usable. Once I have the idea of what I need to do, I'll work in Python. There's a great library for Canvas which makes it super easy to get up and running with scripts.