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Student teacher in Canvas

This year, I'm going to have a student teacher for part of the year (college student doing a required part of work toward getting her teaching license at the end of the school year). I teach online/hybrid middle and high school math, and she will eventually be taking over some of my courses for a while as part of her student teaching experience.

Right now, she's supposed to be "observing". In a classroom, that would mean that she'd mostly be watching me teach, sometimes pulling students aside for small-group things, and maybe getting her feet wet by doing things like coming up with ideas for warm-ups and such. Maybe teaching a lesson or leading an activity here or there while I supervise.

Given that I teach asynchronously online, I have no idea how I'm supposed to replicate that idea of her trying things out while I'm keeping an eye on everything (rather than leaving her "unsupervised" with students), nor what she should actually "do" while "observing".

How have other districts handled this?

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