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Teachers as Observer of specific students

Our special education teachers are needing to 'observe' specific students in Canvas and view their assignments/quizzes.  I created a new Advisory role for teachers, but this gives them rights to all students and courses. I am a little concerned with FERPA compliance by giving these teachers access to everything.  I can make them Observers in specific courses, but it would be easier for the teachers to view the information by student rather than have a list of hundreds of courses.  Is there any other way to set them up to accomplish this goal? 

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We have been looking at this.  We agree that the longer you use canvas, the bigger this issue.  We are considering adding a user defined field in our SIS and then sending them up in our file as observers.

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Community Advocate

Our SIS is Synergy (and our in between is Clever).     Would love to know what you come up with !

I'm not very technical with this area of things -- but can share with that staff.   Thanks!

 @joseph_allen ‌,

I would second the comments by @jcrawford - folks in my district would also love to see the process you went through to create this dashboard as well.

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I got to this topic by searching for a similar solution here in 2021. At my school, we each are advisors to a small group of students, and it's driving us crazy in Canvas that we don't have an easy way to do grade checks/missing assignment checks for our advisees, one of our roles as advisors. We previously used Blackbaud as our grade book and had one button we could click to pull up a fast report on all our advisees' grades and missing assignments. There seems to be no easy solution in Canvas, and in the K-12 environment, is a necessity. 

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Also looking for a solution... 

We tried using an observer account tied to a specific student last year, but it is not a good solution. Not only time consuming to set up, but also ran into privacy issues this year when the teacher was still observing a past student. There is no (easy) way to remove a student from an observer account.  This year, I offered the observer by course so the permissions end at the end of year.  This is really only good for 1-1 support, not full case loads.

I would be interested as well in any solutions and to learn more about @joseph_allen's solution!  We sync daily from SIS (PowerSchool), but would be willing to learn about csv uploads if that makes this work.