Using Canvas with high school band.

Community Participant

We have about 230 students in our high school marching band. The band teachers have run into some issues with students uploading videos to Canvas, mostly due to the size of the file exceeds 500 mb.

This is their process -

Kids go home and have to record themselves playing and marching.

Teacher then opens speedgrader to watch, give feedback and grade each submission.

Issue -

Many of the kids want to record on their phone so they can rewatch the clip to make sure it is good before submitting it. Most uploads will fail due to file size.

I know they could upload to drive but that makes it wicked hard for the teacher to grade as the video does not show in the speedgrader.

Is there any workaround?

Studio would be great but it is just a one shot solution. They can record and upload but they can't watch it. It also does not add the video to their camera roll which is an issue due to uploads sometimes fail. If it fails the video seems to disappear.