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I have loaded quiz questions Canvas quizzes. I use iPads and they are on guided access with the only place students may go is to Canvas. I have the accessibility feature on as students want to be able to listen to the quiz questions while they take the test on paper (IEP accommodation). That being said, now I find out that students can copy and paste the quiz questions and message them to "friends" after the take the test. If they message during the test then they are "kicked off" of the quiz (I think). How can I disable messaging? Other ideas for using audio  keeping quizzes and assignments secure within Canvas?

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 @bbrogan ​, unless you are using some type of lock down/browser security when your students take their quizzes, then no, they can go in and out of the quiz as much as they want after they start it. That being said, if there is a time limit, the time will keep counting down from as soon as they start the quiz. If they exit the quiz the countdown clock will keep ticking. In addition, there is a feature called quiz logs that lets you see more of what students were doing while taking the quiz (for example that they left the quiz and came back, or if they opened up a different browser window) - How do I view a quiz log for a student?

As for messaging, I'm not sure what you're talking about. Are you talking about messaging in Canvas (chat or Inbox?) or a specific iPad feature/tool? Regardless, I'm not sure how you could turn off the feature (unless it's Chat in Canvas, then you would just hide it from the navigation in your course) and yes, as far as I'm aware the student could definitely use it during the quiz.

In regards to your question about keeping quizzes secure in Canvas, my recommendation is to check out this document - Quiz Settings to Maximize Security​ - and see if it helps.

My only other recommendation is to try and make sure that someone is constantly walking around the classroom/lab that the students are taking the quiz, to reduce the opportunity for cheating.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Elizabeth,

Just to add to what  @kona ​ suggested, you can also enable quiz logs (How do I view a quiz log for a student?​) and look for points where the students left the quiz. I'd even suggest you show your students that you can do this and all the data that is in the log. That should help Smiley Wink

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