Powering Up Your Canvas Course: Triumvirate Tips! (Beginner Series)

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I couldn't think of a better title for these infographics. These are just small chunks of info for teachers to consider as they get their courses established. They sort of follow an order of operations, but I feel like the Essentials series does a better job of a good work-flow. The Essentials are a rebrand of these small tips. But, I like them and think smaller is better...sometimes. You'd have to know me to know that is a big, fat lie. Bigger and more is ALWAYS better. 

Beginner, Part 1

Beginner, Part 2

Beginner, Part 3

Beginner, Part 4

Beginner, Part 5

Beginner, Part 6

Beginner, Part 7

Beginner, Part 8

Beginner, Part 9

Beginner, Part 10

Attached are interactive PDF's you can use as well! 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

j1201982I love the simplicity of your designs. These are fabulous. Thanks for the share.

I will be borrowing!

Learner II

Thank you so much for sharing these!