Images shared to item banks can break if original course/item is deleted


This behavior has been resolved and deployed to the production environment as of 11/15/23.


When an image is added to a New Quiz question in an item bank and that item bank is shared to the institution and used in a different course the image is hard linked to the file in the original course it was uploaded from. If that course or file in the original course is deleted it will break all references to it in new quiz questions.

Expected Behavior

Images in item banks shared at an institution level should be able to be used in different courses without relying on the original course content


No workaround exists at this time.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create an item bank in a course

  2. Upload a course image to a question in the item bank

    1. Notice you are presented with a warning that the link may not work in other courses

  3. Share the item bank to the institution

  4. Use the question from the bank in another course

  5. Delete the file in the original course

  6. Notice the image is now broken in the other course

Additional Info


Known issues indicate notable behaviors that has been escalated to the Canvas engineering team. Known issues are not a guarantee for an immediate resolution. This document is for informational purposes only and does not replace the Support process. If you are encountering the behavior outlined in this document, please ensure you have submitted a Support case (per your institution's escalation process) so Canvas Support can adequately gauge the overall customer impact and prioritize appropriately.

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