5 Steps to Success with the Canvas Adoption Toolkit

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It All Started with the Canvas Success Model

00_intro_SuccessModel_croptight.pngIt has been a couple of years since the Canvas Success Model was introduced to the #CanvasFam. School and district leaders around the world have used the model to increase the speed of adoption, optimize utilization, and improve the overall student experience. We have taken it to another level by building a hands-on toolkit with the Canvas Success Model as the foundation of an editable learning and working document that progresses through 5 Steps to Canvas Success. Who wouldn’t want to see their educators and students deeply engaging with Canvas while teaching and learning? 

5 Steps to Success

1.png Bring the leaders of people together.
Form an Adoption Team with leaders and stakeholders within your organization to assess your current processes and begin planning for the future.
2.png Create and share the vision.
Start your visionary leadership journey and define the “why” to engage your organization in a shared vision of success.
3.png Plan for the short and long term.
Construct plans for communication, training, and engagement to prepare for challenges that will arise and empower leaders to support adoption.
4.png Execute and deepen experiences.
Implement plans with fidelity and flexibility to allow for responsive shifts that meet the needs of your stakeholders while honoring your vision.
5.png Assess progress and amplify wins.
Evaluate your adoption progress to share the successes, set new goals, and continue your evolution with Canvas.


Is the Adoption Toolkit for Me?

The toolkit is a great place for your organization to start as you embrace Canvas as a new member of the #CanvasFam, and it’s also a fantastic structure to refresh and deepen engagement for current Canvas users. When you bring your leaders of people together in a smaller organization you will likely have the same person fill several roles, whereas a larger organization will see the variety of roles as a chance to provide an opportunity for shared leadership of the implementation and adoption success. If you’re not an LMS decision maker in your organization/school then we recommend that you partner with that person(s) to take the Adoption Discovery Self-Assessment that will provide guidance on next steps with the Canvas Adoption Success Toolkit.

How Do I Know Where to Start?

Take this Adoption Discovery Self-Assessment to begin the journey that will put the Canvas Adoption Success Toolkit document right in your inbox. In just 5-10 minutes of your time you will have an analysis of your Canvas adoption needs and concrete actions for where to start. The desired outcome of this assessment is to have a list of 1-3 Key Areas of Adoption that you can focus on while working through the 5 Steps to Canvas Success outlined in the Canvas Adoption Success Toolkit.

Click Here to take the Self-Assessment_red.png




I am thrilled to work as a Principal Learning Consultant for Instructure, where I get to be a technology adoption and change management thought partner with states, schools, and districts every day. The entire Learning Services team supported the build of the toolkit, but it wouldn’t have been possible without my writing partner @lauren_fox, the original work of @akuntz, and the leadership of @mlattke .