Just in time for Back to School, we're excited to share some awesome news! For years, educational leaders have used the Canvas Success Model to support and improve the use of Canvas LMS for their communities. It’s been a game-changer for educational leaders who want to make the most of Canvas in their institutions! In 2021, we launched the awesome Canvas Adoption Success Toolkit, which laid out the action steps for this transformative success. And now, we’re thrilled to introduce the new and improved version of the Instructure Adoption Success Toolkit!


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I have tried to integrate Microsoft teams in canvas without success for a couple of days now.  Having in mind my Microsoft Account has the global admin role

How can I do it? Kindly help it's urgent.

Another quiz is Microsoft teams integrable in open-source codes.


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We have SSO set up and use SIS ID as a unique identifier, I'd like to import a list of users that may or may not exist in Canvas and have only the new users get created. The existing users should be left alone/unchanged. The new users should be able to log in via SSO and access the account the import created. Make sense or is there anything I'm missing?



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Hi everyone,

I've been looking into options for moving Open edX courses over to the Canvas platform and was wondering:

  • It looks like there are no officially supported, publicly available migration scripts or strategies for moving courses from Open edX to Canvas. Is that correct?
  • The Canvas FAQ mention "Migration tools for commercial LMSs" as one of the features that are available for hosted offerings. Do these tools include a solution for migrating courses from Open edX to Canvas?

Thanks for any pointers that you can provide Smiley Happy

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Hi, we're currently evaluating our LMS (Blackboard). I'd like to know what the main factors were when you decided to adopt Canvas. If this is the wrong place to ask this, please let me know.


John B.

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I have developed a course in Sakai and my university is moving over to Canvas. I've download the file to import the Lessons Builder files into Canvas and have only received errors. It failed 4 times. 

Any clue how this can be resolved?


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My school is just starting to implement Canvas and I have been looking into how different activities from Moodle come into Canvas when imported. Images within quiz questions go into the course files area when a course from Moodle is imported into a course in Canvas. This can of course be problematic, in many cases students are not supposed to see the images until in an exam and sometimes question banks include a large number of images which then are among other files, making the file area very caotic.

My question: Is there a way to hide the images from students in the course files or some workaround when importing courses with quizzes?

This is a large amount of questions, so it would take a lot of time and man power to go into each question to fix it, not really an option.

Best regards,

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How can I link Canvas to LearnSmart Assignments on McGraw-Hill Connect so that Students can view their individual progress from the Canvas Site?

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Hello everyone!

I've been reading world trends and there has been a huge growth in the use of Mobile as apps.

We conduct research at our university and note that it is totally the reverse of the trend.

Our students prefer to use a laptop, and at home to study, than their smartphone and the Canvas Student app. This was very interesting and changed the focus of the university moment.

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We're currently in the process of testing migration/clean-up strategies from Moodle to Canvas and we're having an  issue importing quizzes.

When we've done tests importing Moodle back-ups containing quizzes into Canvas Free for Teacher courses they import successfully.

When we try to import quizzes into our full version of Canvas, the quizzes import as pages with no content. The only content that comes through is the name of the quiz which translates into a page title. 

The Moodle instance we're backing courses up from is version 3.6.

Has anyone experienced this issue in the past or does anyone have any troubleshooting suggestions? 

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We are in the process of determining how we are going to bring over our Blackboard courses to Canvas. In our discussion someone asked how many semesters of Blackboard courses we should bring over to Canvas. What would be a typical number?

Also, do you keep all of the archives from your previous LMS? We have a good 14 years of courses archived and another 4 on our production server. That represents a lot of gigs of courses! What is the best practice for saving archived courses? If it makes a difference, we are located in Illinois.

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I am a new member of the community. I am interesting in migration strategies from a perspective of project management, in particular addressing these three key points:

  • Migrating courses
  • Training staff members (academics, administrators and students)>
  • Integrating Canvas with other management information systems.

Is there any recommended project management methodology and strategic documents that I can read to get a better insight into these three dimensions of the migration?

Thank you very much for your advice.

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Hi, just wondering what approach ex Blackboard users have taken when transitioning to Canvas?

  • The options for and implications of decommissioning Blackboard
  • Where the data should remain accessible for legislative reasons and for Teaching and Learning or related enquiry reasons
  • The level of granularity of data required to be retained for above purposes and how it should be accessed (Blackboard Application/report etc.)
  • The timing of this activity in relation to your Canvas deployment/migration
  • Licencing and support implications – are there any timing opportunities to minimise cost?

Interested in your experiences and thoughts

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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has/knows of a Blackboard to Canvas migration checklist?

I am looking into some of the aspects for my institution and was looking for such a document, but could contribute to a collaborative one here.

I have seen the very useful guide by  @benjamin_rodrig ‌ on the commuity (see post here with link), just looking for a document - but might have to start making one!

Thanks in advance,


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Hi all,

I am testing some courses to export from Blackboard and import into Canvas.

I keep getting the mysterious error displayed below.


I am working through different modules to try and figure out what is causing the problem and so far think it is the advanced adaptive release rules I have set up in the module on Blackboard (BB). To clarify, one of these rules only permits members of a specific group to view a content folder in BB, all other users are not able to view it. These rules are displayed in BB as shown in the screenshot below:


Will try and remove these shortly and update but that's what I think is causing it.

Any other insights would be appreciated!



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Why can't my students see the contents of the units

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I have a teacher that is currently on Google Classroom and is needing to migrate to Canvas. Has anyone done this? What tips do you have? Do you have a plan or procedure for doing this?

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Hi all,

I am on week 2 of a new job where I am tasked with running the pilot program for Canvas. I have used Canvas at a previous institution for a number of years and am fairly comfortable with the benefits. I have not used Blackboard, however, as my previous migration experience was from an internally developed LMS to Canvas. What I basically wanted to know is if anyone has a one-pager or any type of document that outlines the benefits of Canvas over Blackboard. If I can go into my strategy meetings with this type of document or knowlege I think it would make adoption easier. I can work on creating it but just thought I would throw it out to this group in case someone has already developed something similar that they would be able to share. I have a tool comparison document, but basically am looking for more of a "sales pitch" document to persuade people to join the pilot.

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We’re looking at conditionally hiding a link on our canvas course page based on a user id. I have already programmed a mapping in our database so we know which canvas users are which in our own database, and can use this canvas id to conditionally hide it.  

By law, we have to offer the student a way to opt out of an eBook offering and if they do we need to hide the LTI eBook link from them or disable it for them on their page.

Does Canvas hide or use the users ID anywhere on the page in an HTML block, such as the ID, or a field that will always contain the logged in users ID, or is there some generic endpoint available that I can make an ajax call to, outside the scope of the API authorization cycle, in order to obtain the current users ID?

 If it’s somewhere in the page I can grab the HTML and parse it out to get the ID that way. It would be when users are already into a specific course.

 All of our users should also have the SIS or integration ID, so we could use those as well. This ajax call would be to our own system to verify whether or not the link would then be hidden for the specific logged in user. 

I’d be OK using the API authorization flow, however in order to obtain the correct user access token and refresh tokens we need to know who they are.

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I'm in the beginning stages of creating a high school library Canvas page.  All my students will be enrolled.  I would love to see some examples of what others have done for inspiration.  I know there is so much that could be done here, I just don't know where to start!

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Hello fellow Admins:

We have a bit of a conundrum with our Canvas/Kaltura integration - particularly with SIS IDs.

Our users' SIS IDs changed from a unique alphanumeric "username" to a new 9-digit ID number. Doing so made it easier for us to manage users with regard to other systems/integrations. However, changing the SIS IDs has caused our users to no longer be able to access their Kaltura Mediaspace through Canvas when they click on "My Media". Instead of accessing their Mediaspace, users now see an empty Mediaspace because Kaltura thinks its a new user based on the changed SIS ID.

The simple solution is to switch back to the SIS IDs we were using before, however, before we think about doing that - I was wondering if anyone experienced a similar issue and found a way to keep their new SIS IDs while also resolving the issue users have when accessing their Kaltura Mediaspace (My Media). We spoke to Kaltura about this and they mentioned that they might have to remap everything, but I wonder if there's another solution.

Can we add a new field into the user.csv SIS import file that lists the username and then map our Kaltura Config Manager to that field? Are there any best practices for managing SIS IDs with usernames anyone is willing to share?


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Any schools using Workday for their ERP - Student Information System?

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I want to migrate my canvas courses and students from one canvas instance installed in AWS (under a sub-account) to a new canvas instance installed in AWS too. 

What should I have to do? 

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I've used WebCT, Moodle and Blackboard. In those LMSes I've been able to upload my course files using webdav or ftp. Can I do the same with Canvas?

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What's the equivalent of Adaptive release in Blackboard?

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Dear Faculty,

My name is Ayse Begum Aslan and I am a PhD Candidate at Wayne State University.

I would like to invite you to participate in an online survey about faculty acceptance of learning management systems in higher education. It will take approximately 5 - 10 minutes to complete this survey.

In order to participate, you must be an instructor at a higher education institution in the United States. If you want to participate, you can use the following link to access the online survey:


This study is completely voluntary, so you may withdraw at any time. Your responses will be kept confidential. Participants can receive a free 30 minutes consultation on learning management system and course design upon contacting the researcher. There is no compensation for participation.

If you prefer to enter your email address, which is optional, a summary of the results of this study will be shared with you so that you can learn more about LMS acceptance in higher education.


If you have any questions about participating in or learning more about this research study, please reach me at

If you have questions or concerns about your rights as a research participant, the Chair of the Institutional Review Board can be contacted at (313) 577-1628. If you are unable to contact the research staff, or if you want to talk to someone other than the research staff, you may also call the Wayne State Research Subject Advocate at (313) 577-1628 to discuss problems, obtain information, or offer input.


Thank you in advance for your participation. I look forward to your input!

Ayse Begum Aslan, Doctoral Candidate

Learning Design and Technology Program

Wayne State University

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This is the eleventh (and final!) post in my Preparing Your Canvas series, documenting NKU's transition from Blackboard to Canvas. If you want to start from the beginning, here's the rest in chronological order:


At long last, it's time to cast off the end of this endeavor. First, I'm going to indulge and talk about myself. Since my first post in June 2017, I've grown and changed. Some of that change has been undesirable (turns out being in a grad program while working full time is a great recipe for not taking care of your body), and some of it has helped me mature as an individual. I've learned more about pedagogy and the weird power dynamics of a university. Some of my edges have softened while others have hardened.

Canvas has changed, too. Since we adopted the LMS, Canvas has rolled out updates to the grade book, quizzes, and numerous quality of life improvements. I wish I could have recorded some of the instructors faces when they learned you could finally drag classes around on the Dashboard. Across this series I have also tracked my evolving relationship to Canvas. First, as the new, sexy software that did all the things our old LMS could not. Then, as the unfamiliar tool I had to learn to become an expert. Finally, as a robust (if not perfect) platform for education. And, as we approach the two-year mark from when we first started, I can still confidently say I am 100% happy with the choice to go with Canvas.

But few things can be boiled down to just one choice. It's really a series of choices. Implementing a new LMS involved an ongoing flow of commitments. When we ran into an issue, did we try make it look like the old LMS or use Canvas's approach? Is accessibility a goal we're pursuing as an institution, or an ideal to which we pay lip service? We like to view our past as a being made up of pivotal decisions because it makes our past comprehensible. It's a survival strategy evolved by finite brains processing an absurdly large world. But even something as mundane as switching software can make us reckon with who we are as people. 

From a project management perspective, having a clear end state is critical; you need to be able to say "We're done! We did it!" so that the project can come to a close. However, this view can encourage you to only see your project in isolation. Like the past, some projects don't have a neat end state for the people whose lives are influenced. Its been over a year since the old LMS was shuttered and I still have instructors who are getting used to Canvas or still find it unfamiliar. This is not to fault the instructors; rather, it's to highlight the danger of thinking its as easy as saying "Welp, we're done! Time to pack up!"

In a previous post I said my goal at the end was to wrap up loose ends and look to the future. Some threads refuse to be neatly knotted, though. Although the official migration is finished, it created new responsibilities and connections. We have courses and web pages that people now rely on for ongoing information about Canvas. The LMS migration prompted other initiatives in the university, too. People are warming up to Outcomes, for instance, and beginning to try implementing them at the program level. Universal Design for Learning is popping up in more conversations. Online learning is a growing priority for programs adapting to student needs. And each one is tied up to some degree with the changes to our LMS. Instead of treating the migration like something to finally move past, we can treat these things as yet another necessary step in the patterns of behavior we are creating each day.

I guess what I'm fumbling towards is that maybe its never really over?

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I got a script that will migrate content from one course to 1000 new courses.

In 1 our of 30 I get this strange error when I look into the process:

id : 348
context_id : 412
context_type : User
user_id : 412
tag : sync_to_s3_and_save_to_shared_brand_config!_for_5
completion : 5,0
workflow_state : failed
created_at : 2019-01-24T15:25:40Z
updated_at : 2019-01-24T15:25:44Z
message : Unexpected error, ID: 121150000000000809
url :

What does this mean? Where do I read about these error codes?

When I try to re-migrate to this same course I just get the same error.

Feel a bit lost.

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Our school is in the process of migrating from Blackboard Canvas. We started about a year ago and we learned a lot. I'd like to share a guide we created. It's written from an instructor's point of view and its purpose is to help instructors, designers, and admins get an idea of what migration from Blackboard to Canvas entails.

Here's an overview:

Blackboard and Canvas are very different systems. Some items make sense to import from one system to another and some will not work at all. Some of the workflows you're used to in Blackboard don't exist in Canvas at this time and that's OK because there are feasible alternatives.

The guide walks you through the following process: Evaluate your blackboard course, determine which items to migrate over and how, execute the migration, resolve issues that occurred as a result of the migration.

There's way too much nuance to fit into a blog post. So the guide is hosted as an external resource located at the link below. I made it generic so that it can apply to almost any Blackboard and Canvas environment. I hope that you find that it has some value, and saves some time and effort. 

Blackboard to Canvas Migration Guide

Also please feel free to share feedback, suggestions, questions, and corrections if you found anything different in your own experiences. 


FYI To append this post (I'll add these to the module at a later time) 7/16/2019:

  • If you were using Grade Schema (for letter grades) in Bb, those will need to be recreated in Canvas. They do not transfer over.

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Our campus transitioned from Moodle to Canvas last October.  In Moodle, we had had a database activity with hundreds of entries.  What tools have you used to replace Moodle's database activity feature, which is not replicated in Canvas?

We'd like something that students can easily search and submit text and files to.

Thank you!

Heidi Burgiel

Instructional Designer

Lasell College

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