Advice from institutions migrating from Bb with respect to archiving courses for accreditation

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We are looking for advice from schools who have migrated from Blackboard.  How have you handled archiving courses for future accreditation reports?  Since Canvas does not import student grades or submissions from archive files, and it is hard to anticipate what future reporting requirements may be, how have you handled backing up old Bb courses?


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Anne Marchant

Shenandoah University


 @amarchan ​, we migrated with Angel so I can't help you with the Bb side of things, but you might find more information and help over in the Canvas Strategies area of the community. This is the place dedicated to helping those who are migrating over to Canvas from other LMS's. Good luck and hope someone can provide some advice!

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Thanks for the suggestion! I've moved it there.


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Hi  @amarchan ​ - Actually I think this topic belongs in the LMS Migration​ group. This group has more specific conversations about LMS and migration tips. Don't worry, it will still be available in the Canvas Strategies​ group, as well, so others can chime in. Also, i'll invite you to the LMS Migration group, too. Smiley Happy

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We're currently transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas as well and I hope this discussion picks up soon as we're thinking about this now. We don't institutionally use anything in Blackboard for accreditation, but we understand that some colleges and departments might want some of the data so we are encouraging them to save anything they need before Bb goes dark. We'll probably keep an admin account around for a year in case some of them don't as well.

Here's a page that has some of the information that instructors and departments may need on how to save that grade data out of Blackboard. Feel free to use it if you find it helpful: Saving Grade Data: Canvas Transition Central.

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Hi there,  @amarchan !

I wanted to follow up on your question and see how things were going. Were you able to come to a solution? Or are you still seeking assistance? Because this question is from over two years ago, I'm going to go ahead and mark it as "Assumed Answered." Don't worry, this won't prevent people from continuing the dialogue in the event the discussion needs to continue Smiley Happy