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Bb to Canvas instructional videos

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We are running a pilot of Canvas and currently use Blackboard.

I've tried to come up with the easiest method of moving content from the Blackboard system to Canvas for those who don't want to start from scratch.

From what I've experienced, I created some short videos on how to get from Blackboard to Canvas that I hope is helpful to those going through the same process.

I'm hoping that sharing our experiences, we can better support our faculty and have less grief for all of us.

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Getting started with Canvas - YouTube

Community Team
Community Team

Thank you for sharing this with the Community,  @lbarratt1 ​! Because your prompt is not designed to elicit a single response that can be designated as a "Correct Answer," I'm going to change this to a discussion, which will allow for open-ended participation. Also, have you seen this site in the Community: LMS Migration? I'll share this discussion with that place.

Explorer III

Thank you for the help Stefanie. I'm brand new to this community as of today. I appreciate any help I can get and will try to share what I've learned along the way too. As I see it, we're all in this together.

Any guidance on how to use community resources or to aim me in the right direction is appreciated.


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