Before You Migrate Courses From Blackboard to Canvas

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Our school is in the process of migrating from Blackboard Canvas. We started about a year ago and we learned a lot. I'd like to share a guide we created. It's written from an instructor's point of view and its purpose is to help instructors, designers, and admins get an idea of what migration from Blackboard to Canvas entails.

Here's an overview:

Blackboard and Canvas are very different systems. Some items make sense to import from one system to another and some will not work at all. Some of the workflows you're used to in Blackboard don't exist in Canvas at this time and that's OK because there are feasible alternatives.

The guide walks you through the following process: Evaluate your blackboard course, determine which items to migrate over and how, execute the migration, resolve issues that occurred as a result of the migration.

There's way too much nuance to fit into a blog post. So the guide is hosted as an external resource located at the link below. I made it generic so that it can apply to almost any Blackboard and Canvas environment. I hope that you find that it has some value, and saves some time and effort. 

Blackboard to Canvas Migration Guide

Also please feel free to share feedback, suggestions, questions, and corrections if you found anything different in your own experiences. 


FYI To append this post (I'll add these to the module at a later time) 7/16/2019:

  • If you were using Grade Schema (for letter grades) in Bb, those will need to be recreated in Canvas. They do not transfer over.