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Kaltura Mediaspace (My Media) Access Issues

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Hello fellow Admins:

We have a bit of a conundrum with our Canvas/Kaltura integration - particularly with SIS IDs.

Our users' SIS IDs changed from a unique alphanumeric "username" to a new 9-digit ID number. Doing so made it easier for us to manage users with regard to other systems/integrations. However, changing the SIS IDs has caused our users to no longer be able to access their Kaltura Mediaspace through Canvas when they click on "My Media". Instead of accessing their Mediaspace, users now see an empty Mediaspace because Kaltura thinks its a new user based on the changed SIS ID.

The simple solution is to switch back to the SIS IDs we were using before, however, before we think about doing that - I was wondering if anyone experienced a similar issue and found a way to keep their new SIS IDs while also resolving the issue users have when accessing their Kaltura Mediaspace (My Media). We spoke to Kaltura about this and they mentioned that they might have to remap everything, but I wonder if there's another solution.

Can we add a new field into the user.csv SIS import file that lists the username and then map our Kaltura Config Manager to that field? Are there any best practices for managing SIS IDs with usernames anyone is willing to share?