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Linking a SkillSoft course in Canvas

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My institution is about to migrate from Bb to Canvas; among the items on my checklist is a question from Faculty about whether a SkillSoft course can be linked to a course in Canvas. Anybody encountered this situation, found an answer, or have recommendations?

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Hey  @v_ghays ,

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "linked to a Canvas course." You can easily link to things from a Canvas course using links in the Rich Content Editor or even get fancy and add it to the course navigation using the Redirect Tool, but I am not sure that's what you were looking for. You might be looking for an integration, and functionality like Single Sign-On or Grade Synchronization. I'm not aware of a SkillSoft integration, unfortunately. Canvas is also very good about importing content from various formats. It's possible that Skillsoft content can be exported or downloaded but I've never used it and couldn't turn up anything with a few Google searches. Let us know if this helps at all. Maybe someone else will come along who knows something I don't. 

Community Team
Community Team

Hi Gwendolyn,

Just to back up what Adam already posted, I do not know of an integration or migration path from Skillsoft to Canvas.  There is no mention of Canvas LMS on Skillsoft's website and they are not a partner of instructure.  However, if you have successfully imported Skillsoft content into Blackboard (as opposed to linking it into the Bb platform) you should be able to export in Bb format and import into Canvas.  I also wonder if you mean that some of your faculty are using Skillsoft as an alternate platform to Bb currently.  If that is the case, you probably unfortunately have fewer options.  Smiley Sad