Start from scratch in Canvas or import from Angel?

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It's important to decide whether you want to build your courses from scratch or if you want to import all of your content from Angel.  In most cases all course content in Angel does copy over into Canvas, but will need some tweaking.


Benefits of moving your entire course over from Angel

The only real benefit of moving your entire course over from Angel is that pretty much all of your course content will automatically be in Canvas. Yet, in many cases it might take just as long to adjust your course after copying all the content over as it would if you started from scratch.


Want to give it a try?

If you want to copy an entire Angel course over into your Sandbox to see how it looks before you make your decision, there is solution!  You can copy all Angel course content over into your Sandbox, try it out, and if you hate it and want to start from scratch you can literally clear out all content from your Sandbox course in Canvas and start fresh. Be cautioned though, it really does delete everything and even Online Learning will not be able to get the content back! If you are interested in this option, the "Reset Course Content" button is located on the right under Settings in your Sandbox Course.


Adjustments needed when going from Angel to Canvas

  • IMPORTANT! Be sure to UNCHECK the "Calendar" box before exporting your course information from Angel!!
  • Checking and possible resetting all assignment (dropbox, discussion, and exam) settings and due dates
  • Reviewing course content to make sure links, video, and other media are showing up and working correctly
  • Make sure LOR content is copied (and not linked) into your course
  • Reviewing gradebook settings and making necessary adjustments
  • Reordering course content. If you have a lot of folders inside of folders in Angel, then you may need to do some reordering.


Benefits of starting your Canvas Course from scratch

The main benefit of starting your Canvas course from scratch is that you have a chance to review your course materials, make updates, and rethink how you are doing things and if you could do them different/better in the Canvas environment.


Video Comparison

Below is a video comparison of an Angel course and the same course copied over into Canvas.  The Canvas course hasn't been tweaked since copying the course content over so you can really see what a copied course from Angel will look like in Canvas