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Student Submission / Grade Retrieval from the Previous LMS

Learner II
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Hi All,

After migrating from a cloud hosted LMS to Canvas, the day comes where your previous LMS licence expires.

A few months after the expiration date, the Dean calls.

A student is asking for their thesis paper, which they uploaded to the previous LMS two semesters ago.

Another is contesting their grade because they actually submitted that term paper last semester, again, in the previous LMS.

Fortunately you had archived all of the hundreds of active courses from the previous LMS, right?

That being said, what is your methodology for retrieving the appropriate artifacts to resolve these requests to the Dean's and the students' satisfaction?

(This is a question we are asking as we engage a Blackboard to Canvas migration. Looking for insight as to how such requests are handled at other institutions.)

Best regards,


Surveyor II

Hi Ben,

This is something that i am researching as well. Couple of things that i have read so far is to keep a copy of the database after you migrate. This will allow you to get grades and student participation. The hard part is how to retrieve the student work in the course.

Learner II

Thanks, Larry I appreciate your feedback. I'll write back here if I find anything out as well.

Learner II

Just be aware that because of all the ways that grades can be calculated getting these out of the database is not at all easy.

If you need to keep grades, then the best thing is to do it retrieve them all via API calls while you still have the LMS and then store them.