How do I deputize staff to create and deliver benchmarks?

If your district has a large number of benchmarks to create and deliver, as a district administrator you can deputize staff members as benchmark facilitators without giving them full access to district administrative functions.


  • Benchmark facilitators have the ability to view, create, and edit benchmark assessments and manage benchmark availability.
  • Benchmark facilitators do not have access to other non-benchmark administrative functions or reports.

Open Manage Teachers

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Admin link [1]. Hover the cursor over the Manage tab [2], then click the Teachers option [3].

Note: In Mastery Connect, accounts for all staff types display in the Teachers list.

Edit Teacher

Select Teacher to Deputize

In the Manage Teachers page, find the teacher and click the Edit link.

Update Permissions

On the Edit Teacher page, click the Additional Permissions drop-down menu [1]. Then, select the Benchmark Facilitator option [2].  

To save your changes and update permissions, click the Update button [3].

View Teacher's Page

On the staff member's home page, the the Admin link displays in the Global Navigation menu.

The staff member can now manage benchmarks.

Remove Permission

To remove benchmark author permission, in the Edit Teacher page, click the Additional Permissions drop-down [1].  Then select the Blank option [2].