Best Practices for Mastery Connect + Canvas Integration


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Mastery Connect provides two primary methods for creating new trackers:

  • From a new standard set
  • From a curriculum map

Creating a Tracker From a Curriculum Map

  • Click on the Courses tab in the global navigation
  • Select the published course you wish to link a mastery tracker to
  • Select Mastery Tracker in the course navigation
  • Select Link Mastery Tracker
  • In the Select Source drop-down menu select Create a new Tracker from a Curriculum Map
  • Select the appropriate map
  • Select Link


Mastery Connect Assessments in Canvas

When an assessment is added to your mastery tracker, a Canvas assignment is created automatically. You can adjust the Canvas assignment settings by:

  • Click on the auto-generated Canvas assignment
  • Click Edit Assignment Settings in the top right corner
  • Scroll to the Assign section
  • Assignments can be set to be available to groups of students at different times by using the Add button


A common Canvas practice is to copy course content from a previous course and reuse the content in a new course. However, it is important to check if the course contains Mastery Connect assignments prior to linking the new tracker. If Mastery Connect assignments exist after duplicating the course, we recommend completing the following steps before setting up the new tracker:

  1. After course content has been copied into the new course shell, click Assignments in the course navigation menu
  2. Look over the list of assignments for any that contain the Mastery logo and delete these assignments
  3. To delete these assignments, locate the three dots at the end of each of the Mastery Connect assignments and select Delete
  4. Repeat this process until all previous assignments have been deleted
  5. Now you are ready to connect the new tracker to the Canvas course

PRO TIP: If your Canvas course archives at the change of a semester, you can link a tracker from the first semester course and continue to track your students’ progress towards mastery.

In the Select Source drop down, select the Link a Tracker from another Course option. This will provide you a list of trackers to choose from.


In order to make the Mastery Connect + Canvas integration as seamless as possible, teachers should use their district provided email as their Canvas primary email. The Mastery Connect integration currently utilizes this as the method to identify the teacher and connect them to their Mastery Connect account.

Confirming Your Canvas Email

  • In Canvas, select Account in the Canvas global navigation
  • Select Settings
  • In Settings, the email will be listed in the upper right corner
  • The primary email will be indicated by the star next to the address


Previously, co-teachers had to be manually added as collaborators to a tracker. However, now any person listed as a teacher in a Canvas course will automatically have access to the course tracker.

  • In the Mastery Connect + Canvas integration, the teacher of record is the only one who can create the tracker
  • Any new co-teacher users added to the course will automatically be added as collaborators to the tracker
  • If a co-teacher needs to be removed as a collaborator, this can be done by assigning them a different role in the course (observer, etc.)


Applying some of these best practices can help ensure you are leveraging the Mastery Connect + Canvas integration in a seamless, user-friendly way that will support your instructional goals for your classroom!

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