Leveraging Mastery Connect Reports to Supplement MVPA Reports

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  • In the Mastery Tracker, teachers will see formative assessment data as well as Mastery View Predictive Assessment (benchmark) data. 
  • All the colors you see are from students’ progress towards mastery of standards on the most recent formative assessment given. 
  • We can dive more into this data by viewing assessment level reports.
PRO TIP: Show your students the Item Analysis Report for an assessment and have them consider why a wrong answer was selected by multiple students. What was their misconception? Make the students become data analysts!




  • Click the standard you wish to view data for to open the standard
  • Hover over the assessment you wish to see a report for
  • Click on Reports


  • Hover over the multi-standard assessment you wish to view a report for from the main Tracker view
  • Click on Reports

MVPA (Benchmark)

  • Hover over the MVPA (benchmark) assessment you wish to view a report for from the main Tracker view
  • Click on Reports
PRO TIP: If multiple teachers in your school deliver the same formative assessment, consider using the “Teacher Comparison” tab under reports in your planning meetings to exchange strategies and ideas! 


Benchmark Compare Tool

Accessing the Benchmark Compare Tool 

  • The Benchmark Compare Tool allows teachers to view mastery levels from formative assessments and Benchmark assessments side-by-side. This is a quick way for teachers to monitor student progress in their class and on the MVPA (benchmark).
  • Hover over the MVPA (benchmark) assessment you wish to turn on the compare tool for from the main Tracker view
  • Click on Compare
  • Turn off the Compare tool using these same steps
PRO TIP: Use the Benchmark Compare feature to ensure students’ mastery levels are consistent across your own formative assessments and the Mastery View Predictive Assessments. If you see a discrepancy for a student, dive in and see why there is a disconnect.



Using Mastery Connect reports to supplement Mastery View Predictive Assessment reports can help teachers to make informed instructional decisions to meet the needs of their students! Doing so provides teachers with great insights into students’ progress towards mastery of the standards, helping to target instruction and interventions in the classroom. 

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