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Mastery Connect Release Notes (2023-06-29)

Mastery Connect Release Notes (2023-06-29)

In this Mastery Connect release (June 29), Mastery Connect introduces an updated user experience which includes: the ability to convert Canvas Classic Quizzes to Mastery assessments, a new assessment creation experience, and a Tracker Assessment list.


New Features


Classic Quiz Conversion to Mastery Connect


Canvas Classic Quizzes can be easily converted to Mastery item-based assessments. Each quiz item converts to a comparable item type in Mastery Connect. This update allows for a simplified workflow for educators and helps facilitate a more integrated platform experience between Canvas LMS and Mastery Connect. 




In a Canvas-linked tracker, the Convert Quiz button allows users to initiate the conversion process.




Users can view the list of quizzes by selecting the See Available Quizzes button. A quiz does not need to be published in the course to be converted to a Mastery Connect assessment.




The Canvas Content window displays a list of classic Canvas quizzes that are available to convert. A date displays in the Last Conversion column for quizzes that are already converted. 

Select a quiz title link to view the Canvas quiz in a separate tab. Use the checkbox to select classic quizzes for conversion. 

Click the Convert as New button to import the selected classic quizzes. Once converted, view the assessment drafts in the new tracker assessment list. 

Note: If a user selects and converts a quiz that has already been converted, it becomes a new assessment in Mastery Connect.




Converted quizzes are listed as drafts in the Assessments tab of the Mastery Tracker. Click the Edit button to open the Mastery Connect Assessment. 




Educators must align each question to a standard before the assessment can be delivered to students. 

Questions that do not have an associated standard are highlighted in orange and display a No Standard message. Click the Standard drop-down menu to align a question to a standard. 

Note: Each item on a Mastery Assessment must be aligned to a standard. 




Once all items have been reviewed and aligned, educators can create the assessment. The assessment is added to the Mastery Tracker and an assignment is created in the Canvas course. Items on the assessment will be added to the selected item bank in Mastery Connect. 


Assessment Creation 


Educators can build assessments from the tracker or assessment tab. With this update, educators can spend less time authoring assessments while using the new assessment experience. 




With features such as smart alignments, inline item authoring, bulk actions, and easier access to item banks, educators can invest more time in quality content and instruction.




Educators can quickly generate an assessment draft by filling out the title and alignments fields. Align the assessment to an existing tracker or curriculum map to ensure the correct standard set is being used. 



At the top of each assessment, essential information is readily available, including assessment settings, alignment information, number of questions, and total points. The metrics update as educators add content to the assessment. 




Select the scoring tray to view scoring options for the assessment. Standard cut scores are automatically calculated based on default Mastery Levels set by the district.  Educators can modify mastery-level defaults at the assessment or individual standard level. 




Educators can easily add items to an assessment from an existing item bank. Users can select multiple filters to locate specific items. Filter options include standard, item bank, item type, and others. 




Educators can author new items within the assessment. Select the item type, set metadata, and input item content.




Once the assessment is created, the items are saved in the selected item bank. 




While creating an assessment, all changes are automatically saved. Educators can exit assessments and save them as drafts. Once each question on the assessment has an answer, alignment, and all desired edits are made, the assessment can be created.


Tracker Assessment List


The Assessments tab of a tracker opens the Tracker Assessment list, which displays the assessments associated with the tracker. This update allows instructors to view all assessments in one place and manage assessments and data more quickly and efficiently.




In the new tracker view, assessments can be grouped by standards or grouped in a comprehensive list. 

Assessment drafts are grouped at the top of the list for easy access. Simply click Edit to make changes. All other assessments are grouped by standards. 

In each standard view, users can easily locate available benchmarks and assessments that need grading.



For each assessment, users can easily launch the assessment, access reports, or view student progress in the Tracker Student View.

Change Log


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