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Add Course Item Analytics to Analytics Beta/2.0


  • Let us view overall accesses of a resource for the whole course.


We have instructors interested in more statistics/analytics regarding course items, such as pages, videos, and downloadable files such as .pdf, .doc, etc. For example, they'd like to know if and how many times were any of these items accessed, being able to check also within certain date ranges. We are aware of the following Browser Script, but we prefer not to suggest using browser scripts. Please consider making this available within Canvas as part of the new Analytics Beta/2.0.  Thank you!

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 @cfrodrig  ,

In the upcoming Weekly Online Activity view we will be including the list of resources for a course, and the count of students who viewed the page or participated in the assignment. We will also provide a way to filter that data for a specific week so you can see how many students have interacted with a resource during a shorter timespan. 

We will also  be including a way to message students who have or have not interacted with a specific resource. 

The list of resources will be URLs (and admittedly not as user friendly as what's in that access report) to start, and we will look to enhance usability of this information post GA.

As always, thanks for the  feedback!


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