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Analytics Beta - Break down into daily activity

We run a short course that is only 6 weeks long, rather than the usual 15 or 16 week university courses. We would like to see course activity broken down not only by week, but by day, to figure out which days are the most active. 

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Community Champion

I'd vote this up if it were a feature idea. I think providing the option for faculty to drill deeper into the data could be useful in a number of situations, even beyond the great use case you've identified here.

Agreed 100%!  We have five-week terms, as well, and need the daily breakdown (rather than the weekly breakdown). We have also found that our support services groups used the submission date at a glance feature in the "old" analytics quite a bit to help identify outreach opportunities. The week at a glance does not give us the detail we need.

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Sarah,

I know the team is working on how to make future improvements. Right now daily isn't offered because it improves overall performance to not be that granular. However, that doesn't mean it won't be done in a later date. Our product manager has noted that the functionality will continue to evolve.