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Analytics Beta - need info on individual student accessing particular resource

I checked out Analytics Beta, and it does give aggregate information about access of all resources by one student, and aggregate access by all students of a particular resource. It does not tell me what I would like to know. What I would like to have is the option to see exactly which students e.g. watched a video or looked at the practice quiz. Currently, this does not seem possible.

I am interested in this for pedagogical reasons: it would be good to know who uses the resources I have, and if that helps the students to do better. For this, aggregate information is not helpful (unless it tells me that either all or none of my students looked at something, but that is usually not the case). 
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Surveyor II

Hello Sabine,

Not sure if you ever find an answer to this, but I was looking for the same thing. As I was looking around in Canvas I find a "Access Report" which gives you the content, times viewed, times participated, and last viewed.

I clicked on the "People" inside a course and then I clicked on the 3 dots next to a person name.

341108_Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 08.45.35.png

Then I clicked "User details" and you should see the "Access Report" on the right.

341109_Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 08.47.35.png

I hope this give you a little more help into what you were looking for.

Take Care,