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Analytics beta and gradebook

The analytics beta is great for a getting a quick look at general student status. It would be even more helpful if there was navigation to investigate further throughout. 

For example,

  • click on an assignment and have the option to open in speedgrader. 
  • click on a student name and open their grades to see breakdown and not just average. 


I would add last teacher interaction to the dashboard as well, so that teachers and supervisors and get a quick look and make sure communication is running smoothly. 

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Absolutely. Time is always in short supply for teachers, which is why the snapshot is helpful to them. But when they see with a quick glance that something that isn't great - e.g. a student whose average looks a little off - and needs to investigate, they don't have the time to navigate out of this and into the grading module. Loading times fluctuate, depending on where you are. Putting the links right there would make this significantly more efficient and effective for the teachers. 

All my teachers love Canvas. The one criticism I hear over and over again is the click throughs - having to click on something to click on something else. That could be solved right here, right now.