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Class Grade Distribution

Please add a breakdown of percentage of students getting As, Bs, Cs, etc.

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Hi @A00301621 , 

Thanks for the feedback! I'm compiling a list of feature requests for the new Analytics and will add this one to it. 

Is there a specific workflow or question you're  trying to answer, other than getting an overview of performance for a course?


Thanks again,


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Hi  @kturco , This is one of the top requests of our faculty each term when they are submitting final grades. They want a count of each possible grade in the grading scheme, and what they really want, is a visualization of the grade distribution data. Many of them use this (used in previous LMS) to establish/adjust breaking points for their final grading schemes. If this could also be surfaced somewhere within the new gradebook that would be really helpful. And if the dialog box with the final grade distribution could offer a link to manage/edit their course grading scheme that would be even better!

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Hivanzandt, thanks for the added context. This is great info.