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Course data is being processed. Come back in 24 hours. canvas solution

Hello community, can you help me with my problem.
I created a course last week and I have shared it with my students and my students enter the course but in Analytics i find that "Course data is being processed. Come back in 24 hours". Although it has been more than 5 days when my students have entered the course

PS: I have allowed third-party cookies but my message keeps getting the same as "Course data is being processed. Come back in 24 hours"

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Hello @Nada-di  - may I suggest contacting Canvas Support with this?  Be sure to provide ample information such as the course information.

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I did a Google search for the issue and came up with a support note from the University of Michigan that said to check the dates for the course and make sure that the start date is before today and the end date is after today.

It seems that if the course start and end dates are before the current date that analytics isn't being updated. Although that note doesn't say it, there might also be issues with courses that have dates in the future. There is a comment there about the checkboxes to restrict students from viewing the course -- that is intended (I think) to say that you might have students in the course because you don't have the dates restricted, but Canvas looks at the dates specified to decide whether or not to run the analytics report.

Related to the date issue is whether the Participation is set to the Course or Term. If set to Term, then Canvas wouldn't be using the dates that you specify, but be using the dates set by the institution for the term.

Another place to check is the sections for the students as sections can have dates associated with them as well and those will override the course dates.

If the dates were off somewhere, it could take up to 24 hours after fixing them to get the analytics to show up.

If none of that helps, then, as Jeff wrote, the standard action here is to contact Canvas support.