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Problems with New Analytics - Presentation

After trying out the New Analytics features, we found some confusing ways for presenting some features. 

(1) The list of students is not clear. 

By default, the Course average is displayed, and the list below counts all 10 students in my course. 

  • When I add a filter for one student, the list now shows 1 student, even though the chart still displays the "course average" markers, representing all 10 students, PLUS the markers for the single student. 
  • If I add one other group of students now, the list of students counts 5 students, i.e. the number of students in the newly-added group. The chart will show the "course average" markers, representing all 10 students, PLUS the markers for the single student, PLUS the markers for the group. 

Some labels, to be displayed according to the filter for the list, would be good. Instead of “Students”, we may have:

  • Students (All)
  • Students (Group 101)
  • Student (Selected) 


Instead of “Resources”, we may have: 

  • Resources (All Students)
  • Resources (Group 101)
  • Resources (Selected Students)

(2) The chart on grades seems to indicate students’ performance throughout the course. However, assignments without due dates appear to the left of those with due dates. That means reading the trend from left to right does not necessarily indicate the performance of students from start to end. Assignments without deadlines should be indicated differently (e.g. same icon but with a different colour). 

(3)  Unclear labeling in BCC line
If I click “message students who” without any filter, It always shows “All Section” but in fact the actual recipients depend on the conditions set above.

Similar to the above issue:

Before I use the “Message students who function”, I have added some filters on the line graph. When I click “message students who”, I will still see the filters I added to the chart, e.g. two students. No matter what conditions I set (i.e. viewed / participated / grade range etc), I will always see the filter I have added followed by XX students.

(4) “Message Students Who” Resources Viewed / Not Viewed Users can choose “students” as resources. When a class has more than 200 students, there will be 200 students and all resources. It is not possible to look for resources. How the resources were sorted is not clear to the users. 

The list of resources should be sorted in a meaningful manner.

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