Attach Question selected before stimulus question was marked done

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I had a weird scenario occur, I have a quiz created by an instructor with a Stimulus question. They created 5 questions for the stimulus and then wanted 3 more other questions not part of the stimulus. The 6th question ended up being attached to the 5th question.  What we think happened, is the instructor selected Attach Question right after question 5 and before selecting the Done button for question 5. Both buttons are available for the user. Some people might think, "well I'm not done, I want to add more questions".  When this occurred the two questions were now attached. They were able to create a 6th question but when you go to edit this question, they both opened. Also, when you preview the quiz question 5 isn't available.  On the preview, the questions doubled with two sets of stimulus questions. If this is what truly occurred with the instructor, this could be an issue for others. We luckily had a copy of the quiz before the new questions were added so we could create a new quiz by adding the 3 new questions correctly and now the new quiz works fine.

I don't know if anyone else has run into this issue, but wanted someone to be aware of this issue.