Bulk Migration tool testing ahead of 6/17 Release

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 My team and I have been testing the New Quizzes bulk migration tool ahead of the 6/17 release of the RCE integration and we have found some issues.  Using our Beta instance, I used "Copy a Canvas Course" and selected a former course that I was familiar with.  I chose "All content" as well as "Import existing quizzes as New Quizzes".  I have been comparing the original Classic Quiz side-by-side with the imported New Quiz.

The first quiz that I've been checking has been a relatively simple one about the course syllabus.  Most of the questions have been multiple choice and have only used text (no images, or other rich content).  The first thing that I've noticed is that this quiz has a few multiple-choice options that are limited to "true" and "false", as if the instructor didn't realize there was a T/F question type.  This is not a problem, but it did highlight an issue with the bulk migration.

The optional feedback "for a correct answer", "for an incorrect answer", and "provide general feedback (regardless of answer)" successfully imported with multiple choice questions (including MC questions that were written as T/F) but the optional feedback is missing on all T/F type questions.  I'm attaching screenshots as demonstration.

Has anyone else noticed some issues that aren't officially known issues?  We'd like to learn the limits of the tool so we can recommend it in instances where the tool will work best, and so we can offer alternatives to instructors who would like to migrate but would be frustrated by the current bulk migration experience.

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