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Hi y'all,

A quiz (in New Quizzes) has a question for which students upload a file. Is it possible to bulk download file submissions in New Quizzes? I know how to do it with assignments, but I'm not seeing that it's possible in quizzes.

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@bwm I do not believe that New Quizzes File Upload questions have bulk download yet. There is an idea to add the feature ([New Quizzes] Download All File Submissions ), which has been attached to a theme. The roadmap on the New Quizzes Hub homepage also indicates that something like this feature ("The ability to download all student submissions for a question at once will enable Instructors to save time when manually grading file upload question types in New Quizzes.") is slated for development in late 2023 or after.
At this time, It may be worth using Classic Quizzes where possible when File Upload questions are involved.

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