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Starting another thread because it seems like this still isn't resolved after 3+ years. I need this feature to export over 1000 student responses. I don't need a report or aggregate responses. I need individual student responses to each question. Please help 

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Hello @DaveEsparza,

It is my understanding that the equivalent of the Student Analysis csv that is available for classic Quizzes (allowing you to see all of the answers for each student on each question) is still being worked on for New Quizzes. If I am reading the product roadmap correctly, it looks like this is something they hope to deliver on in 2025.

For our faculty who currently rely on bulk reporting of students' answers, we recommend they stick with classic Quizzes.

I'm sorry I don't have a better answer and I totally feel your pain. This is maybe the largest feature still missing from New Quizzes that keeps us from really pushing people to migrate to it.



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