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Hyperlink to items needing grading gone

In the new quizzes, when you go to grade a student's exam you have to scroll all the way through the exam to find the questions that were not autograded but need grading.  In "old" quizzes these items to be graded had a hyperlink at the top.  Why was this removed?  Now that you can shuffle the order questions are given, not having a hyperlink to the questions needing grading is really arduous!

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Hello @JanClack 

Thanks for posting this in the Canvas Community! 

I do see how this is a bit frustrating and I have the same complaint. It seems like this might be a limitation or something that Canvas could definitely improve. Currently, when you have a manually graded question in New Quizzes, it will only display the question number at the top of the screen in Speedgrader. I think that this would make a great feature request for future releases in Canvas. Would you be interesting in submitting this idea?

HERE is a link to the ideas page. 



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