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Is this a bug or by design? "This Course" "Banks Shared to Course"


It seems I'm only complaining about Instructure lately. Sorry. 


"This Course" is not showing item banks created within the course. Instead, the only way to get them to show up under that pull down menu is to share the item bank to the course. However, once the semester is done, a copy of the course is made for the next semester, and "This Course" is blank again. 

Worse, "Banks Shared to Course" show ALL item banks that have been shared. 


The expectation is that banks created within the course should show under "This Course." Also, once the course is copied then the expectation is that the item banks continue to show under "This Course" for that particular course. 

The expectation for "Banks Shared to Course" would be for only item banks shared to that course show and not all shares. 

Result of feature / bug

The result is that the drop downs have no benefit. A teacher with 200 item banks isn't going to "share to the course" only to have them disappear the next semester. This would be a waste of a teacher's time. 

If this is not intentional behavior, then I hope developers of New Quizzes are able to find the errant code. If this is intentional then someone at Instructure seriously needs to think through why anyone would want the two drop-down menus. 

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