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Item Bank Workflows

The workflow for item banks in new quizzes is not intuitive to me at all. I'm working with an instructor who has created some item banks that they want to share with colleagues. Can anyone explain to me how the item bank workflow functions:

There is an Item Bank menu that says "This Course" and "All Courses". If I open a course, select Item Banks and +Item Bank the new bank does not appear under "this Course" it appear under "All courses". Is this the intended behavior? I would expect Item Banks to appear within a course when I create the item bank in a course. How does an instructor get an item bank into the "This Course" level? (A secondary question from my role as an admin, How do you find item banks under "all courses"? As an admin, unless I've tracked the title of a bank I've created, I can't find it amongst the 100s of item banks that show up for me under "all course". Is there any way to search by owner/creator??)

A desired behavior would be to share a course with a colleague (through Commons or from a sandbox) and share all the item banks in that course. Is there functionality in place to share all the item banks in a course through a course import or other sharing tool?


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Hello @audra_agnelly .  Yes, it is confusing.  In New Quizzes, item banks must be explictly shared with the current course in order to show up  under This Course.  My recollection is that you should use the same sharing screen that you would to share banks with people, but you'll type the course name instead of the person's name.  This isn't at all intuitive because, last I checked, the sharing prompt asks for a user name, but the screen accepts course names as well.

Best of luck!

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