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New Quizzes - Formula-questions (randomize variables) needs more love


I've been using quizzes as a mandatory prep-tasks for labs in a course about fundamental electro-technology for a few years, and it has generally been working well.

However, there are several functions that it really could use in order to be improved. The students also have commented on many times in the course evaluation.

It would be great if these functions could be applied under the settings tab for each quiz.

The functions are mainly:

  • Lock randomized variables to the students
    • For instance if I have 100 students at the course and generate 100 different sets of variable values, I'd like to lock each set of randomized variables to each student
      • That is, "student 1" would always get randomized variable set 1, "student 2" the next set and so on
    • The purpose of randomizing variables is mainly that the students get different values and thus have different answers - they can't simply copy their friends
      • However, there is no need that the students get different values each time they retake the quiz
  • Possible to have several questions to the same set of randomized variables
    • If I randomize 5 parameter values I would like to be able to ask more than one questions using these values
      • Currently I have to randomize new variables for each question, making follow-up questions difficult
  • Questions that are answered correctly at a quiz stays correct even if the attempt overall fail
    • I.e. if I have 10 questions and a 100 % passing level, if the student answers 1-4 correctly but fails the rest I'd like an option to keep 1-4 correct in the next attempt so they can continue from question 5 directly
  • Increase the functionality of complex numbers
    • Currently you cannot answer with a complex number, you have to take the absolute value of it
    • There is also some problems in dividing with a complex number, before it worked but in October last year (2022) the solver sent error messages when I tried to calculate e.g. (3 / 3i) so I had to rewrite all questions to 3 * (3i)^(-1) using multiplications (which thankfully worked)
    • Also how trigonometric functions work with complex numbers could be slightly improved


Also as a user it would be really nice if the windows could autofit to the content, currently they are so small and I have to click several times to make it large enough to show all the content - and the moment you click outside the window it minimizes everything again. Quite frustrating.

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